Visiting Lily

A quick entry tonight because so many of you have sent emails to me expressing concern and wishing they could help now. What you can do is send anything you would like to Lily, stuffed animals, cards, comfort items, artwork for her walls. You can drop them off at CHOC Friday or wait till the […]


Little Victories

Today was good day for Lily she had her breathing tube removed and was taken off the medication that was helping her stay asleep. When her nurse removed the sedative she declared that Lily had something to celebrate, one less medication and no more tube to irritate her little throat. Lily is resting comfortably and […]


Quiet Day

Day 2 Today was a quiet day for Lily, under orders by her doctors visitations have been limited so Lil can rest and heal. Doctors started sedation again today as it seems to help keep her from becoming too agitated and helps her to rest. The next goal will be to remove the intubation tube […]


First Full Day

Today Lily was brought to CHOC Orange at day break when traffic was light and Lily was under heavy sedation. Lily continues to show signs of stability. After the nurses got Lily settled into her new home away from home doctors decided to reduce sedation medication to give Lily an opportunity to awake. Lily would […]