No Coincidences

Some days our emotions get the best of us and we feel discouraged. Well, the other day Jim and I were feeling just that. We were tired and a little stressed getting Charlotte out the door for school and having to be in Newport Beach (35 minutes away) with Lily for an early weekly appointment. The drive […]


Milestones and Prayer Request

We are approaching Lily’s 1-year anniversary of her heart attack and brain injury, in fact it’s only 4 days and a few hours away. My sister, Lindsey, has designed a web site (which you are reading this on) for Lily and it will launch on Monday, Lily’s anniversary. There will be additional photos and video so […]


Catching Up

Just wanted to post an update for you all–I know I am not very consistent. I apologize, I just want to have new news when I post so you continue to be interested in Lily’s journey. My biggest fear is that Lily is “out of sight–out of mind” and the prayers will fade. She continues […]


Therapy, therapy and more therapy

Lily continues to work very hard in her therapies. She works 6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day. We met with a specialist this week and learned more daily exercises to do with Lily. We have so many activities to do with her that there aren’t enough hours in the day. So we have […]



We are adjusting to Millers West, our new home with Lily . . . for now. We are trying to make her room as homey as possible. It’s very basic and a bit dated, but we have a big window which is nice. We explored outside today to the atrium garden; a peaceful place where […]


Bed Is Only For Sleeping Now

We have settled into our new home; room 511 on the 5th floor in the Neuroscience wing. Lily’s heart has remained stable and her arrhythmia seems to be under control with her medications. She continues her therapies throughout the day with Jim and I doing more in between. Lil’s doctor ordered us to “get her […]


Miracle MRI

Sorry we didn’t post yesterday. I know everyone is anxious to hear how Lily’s surgery went yesterday morning. According to her cardiologist everything went “smooth”. They were able to successfully implant and test the ICD. Her procedure took about 2.5 hours. She is still experiencing pain from the procedure and we are trying to keep […]


A Test of Faith

The last 48 hours have been some of our most challenging yet. It has been a series of ups and downs but one thing is for sure and that is that nothing is for sure. On Saturday Jim and I made our first trip out of the CHOC hospital block and went home for a […]