Catching Up

Just wanted to post an update for you all–I know I am not very consistent. I apologize, I just want to have new news when I post so you continue to be interested in Lily’s journey. My biggest fear is that Lily is “out of sight–out of mind” and the prayers will fade. She continues […]


Another hurdle

Lily remains in ICU at Millers. We originally thought we’d be here a few days but it will be 3 weeks on Sunday. Lily has had a few more hurdles along the way. The jtube she had placed last Friday seems to be going pretty well. However she did catch a cold and has had […]


Moving in the Right Direction

Yesterday, doctors were able to replace Lily’s g-tube with a j-tube. Now her feeds will go into her intestine; bypassing her stomach. It will also bypass her pancreas which has been irritated over the last week (doctors still are not sure why). And after this morning’s blood tests we found that her enzyme levels are […]


From G to J Tube

We hoped Lily would be able to resume her feeds today but her pancreas continues to be irritated. The doctors do not want to make it worse by starting her feeds. They’re going to start sugar/vitamin/mineral water through her IV this evening. If her enzyme levels plateau it looks like we will switch Lily’s g-tube […]