Moving in the Right Direction

Yesterday, doctors were able to replace Lily’s g-tube with a j-tube. Now her feeds will go into her intestine; bypassing her stomach. It will also bypass her pancreas which has been irritated over the last week (doctors still are not sure why). And after this morning’s blood tests we found that her enzyme levels are starting to trend downwards, thank goodness.

She has been receiving Pedialite overnight in her new tube and doctors will add formula today. Hopefuly all will go well and we can switch to all formula over the next 24 hours, getting her back on track with her nutrition. She needs calories!! We’ve been able to do some therapy in ICU. She likes her body to be moved and stretched and supported in a sitting position. We try to keep our hands on her constantly when she’s awake; keeping her joints range of motion as optimum as possible. For those of you that signed up on we decided to suspend meal deliveries for now. Thank you to those who have brought us meals all the way up to Long Beach. But if you’re coming for a visit and do want to bring food just send me a text.


Thank you for your continued prayers and visualizations for Lily. And for your posts, we continue to read them to her daily.
God Bless,

Les and Jim

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