Back In The Saddle

Last week we went to the Shea Therapeutic Riding Center for the first time. Lily had an evaluation and they got her on a horse! That was an exciting surprise for everyone. Its incredible how much energy it takes for Lily to ride and for us who are holding and ensuring her safety. Lily seemed […]


Healing with Horses Shea Center

A couple weeks ago we visited the horses she used to ride down at the stables. That was magical. She had a huge smile when she saw them. She recognized them right away. At one point, I think she was having a telepathic conversation with one of them. It’s amazing how “in tune” horses are […]


First Full Day

Today Lily was brought to CHOC Orange at day break when traffic was light and Lily was under heavy sedation. Lily continues to show signs of stability. After the nurses got Lily settled into her new home away from home doctors decided to reduce sedation medication to give Lily an opportunity to awake. Lily would […]