Disneyland, Horses and Football Games

Here are some some pictures of riding at the Shea Center, swimming, going to cousin Nik’s football game (BuenaPark HS) and a HOT afternoon at Disneyland.


Tribute to YOU!

This post is dedicated to all of you. I have been meaning to do this for several months . . .we want to thank each and every one of you for the soft and fury friends, the handwritten notes of well wishes, the beautiful drawings, the sweet poems, the fine works of art, the tokens […]


Back in the Water

We took Lily in the jacuzzi this weekend for the first time since her injury. We’ve been talking about doing so for a while, now I wish we hadn’t waited so long. We had some friends over and all the other little girls were in the jacuzzi so I asked Lily if she wanted to […]


An Amazing Girl

Today was a a great day! As everyone knows Lily has been working extremely hard . . . everyday. Some days for up to 4 hours! Well today was no different but she had a breakthrough session. During her 3-hour therapy session she was able to finally hold her trunk and her head for an […]


Settling in at Home

Lily has been home a week and boy does it feel good. We are so thrilled to be together again under one roof, especially little sister Charlotte. Although it can be a bit overwhelming for Lily seems to be happier home–her blood pressure is overall lower than it was at the hospital. In the past […]