One Year Later

One year ago today our lives (and many others) were forever changed. It was a typical summer Sunday. The girls were recently out of school and summer was just getting started. Golf camps, surf camps, Vacation Bible School and an annual camping trip to Big Sur were approaching. Not to mention relaxing days at the […]


Milestones and Prayer Request

We are approaching Lily’s 1-year anniversary of her heart attack and brain injury, in fact it’s only 4 days and a few hours away. My sister, Lindsey, has designed a web site (which you are reading this on) for Lily and it will launch on Monday, Lily’s anniversary. There will be additional photos and video so […]


Another Anniversary

It’s been nine months…..today. Tough day, very tough.


7 Months

Last Friday marked Lily’s 7 months post event . . . she squeezed my hand for the first time. Appreciate the little things . . . they can be taken away at any moment.


Six Months Today

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon (like today) when 6 months ago our lives changed forever. This day has been weighing heavy on my heart and head as it has crept up on us. I can remember vividly the chain of events like it happened a mere 5 minutes ago ( I know I will […]