Staying Put For Now

It doesn’t look like we are heading home tomorrow. Whew! Even if we were to be discharged we would fight it because we don’t have any equipment, medications, a hospital bed or anything set up at home. It’s all in the works but nothing is at the house. We have stuff to pack up, furniture […]


Change of Plans

We just found out that we may be going home Friday or maybe as early as tomorrow. We knew we were on our way out next week, but tomorrow..??? I honestly don’t know how that is going to work. We have NOTHING at home for Lily’s care. I know they are feverishly working on getting […]


Preparing To Go Home

On Monday we moved out of ICU. Although we moved back to Miller West Rehab facility Lily is technically not in Rehab. Lily remains under a pediatricians care and still closely followed by her cardiologists and GI doctors. Our insurance company is not clearing her to return to Rehab right now. However she is still […]