Dealing with spasticity

First, thank you to everyone that participated in yesterday’s Bake Sale. I heard it was a huge success! I hope someone took pictures, I heard the homemade treats were incredible. I am so touched by everyone’s kindness and concern for Lily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lily is still in the ICU […]



A big thank you to everyone who sounded with feedback regarding rehabilitation centers the response was overwhelming and very helpful! We visited Miller Hospital in Long Beach yesterday and were very impressed with their program and the head physiatrist. The good news is that Lily has been accepted into their program and we are thrilled […]


Miracle MRI

Sorry we didn’t post yesterday. I know everyone is anxious to hear how Lily’s surgery went yesterday morning. According to her cardiologist everything went “smooth”. They were able to successfully implant and test the ICD. Her procedure took about 2.5 hours. She is still experiencing pain from the procedure and we are trying to keep […]


Preparing for ICD Surgery

Lily continues the daily routine of rehab and rest. We walk a fine line of challenging her in rehab without causing her heart any distress. Although she is on medications to control her arrhythmia she continues to have sporadic breakthroughs. A few days ago She went for a stroll outside for the first time. She […]