Preparing To Go Home

On Monday we moved out of ICU. Although we moved back to Miller West Rehab facility Lily is technically not in Rehab. Lily remains under a pediatricians care and still closely followed by her cardiologists and GI doctors. Our insurance company is not clearing her to return to Rehab right now. However she is still recieving her therapies but they are looking to send us home very, very soon. When we are home Lily will be considered outpatient rehab (unlike our previous inpatient status). We will have therapy at home as well as drive to Miller for therapies (we think). It’s all a bit unclear how it will work out; we have a lot of things to do to prepare. We have a big meeting with her team on Monday where we will have a clearer picture. We are disappointed she was not re-accepted but we are trying to remain positive and accept God’s plan for us. Perhaps going
home is a good thing for Lily, maybe she’ll be more comfortable and at peace there . . . We will see. And after she progresses at home we can always re-apply and return to inpatient rehab later. At least we will be home for the holidays….I’m thankful for that. It will also be easier for friends to visit, we will work out a schedule.

Since we have a lot to do to prepare our house for Lily’s arrival I would appreciate any vendor referrals for the following:

  1. Mount a flat screen & DVD player in her room on the wall like in a hospital room
  2. Set up a large salt water aquarium
  3. Build wheelchair ramps up front steps and back patio door
  4. Nursing (day & night shifts)

Also, if you have experience with setting up your home in a similar situation and you have recommendations or advice we would appreciate your input as well. This is all  uncharted territory for us.

Thank you for continuing to pray and visualize Lily back in school, playing, running, talking…loving life. We believe God will answer everyone’s prayers.

God Bless,
Jim & Les

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