Six Months Today

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon (like today) when 6 months ago our lives changed forever. This day has been weighing heavy on my heart and head as it has crept up on us. I can remember vividly the chain of events like it happened a mere 5 minutes ago ( I know I will be saying that 40 years from now, too). Some memories never fade. It’s been so long since we’ve heard our sweet Lily’s voice. Her boisterous laugh. Her calling for me across the house. Her fighting and playing with her sister. For her asking me to snuggle with her at bedtime. For her to run and jump on me with her ginormous bear hugs. For her sweet kisses that she never hesitated to plant on my lips. And so much more. I miss her so much…my heart continues to break minute by minute. I know it’s important to look at the positive, and trust me I do. When I look into her crystal blue eyes I feel so much hope.

She is so present!

2013-01-07 09.49.57

We will continue to everything in our power to facilitate her recovery. We will do whatever it takes. However long it takes. She continues to get stronger each day. She is holding her head up for longer periods and getting more head and trunk control. She doesn’t require as many hands on her at one time for support which means her body is starting to take over. She moves her head left and right, up and down. She can laugh and still hold her head up. She is progressing.

The holidays came and went with lots of activities for us. In between Lily’s constant therapies and care she has managed to do some activities that seemed to have brought her much joy.

2012-12-03 12.54.40

We’ve visited her school a few times and have spent time with her class. Her classmates really know her and know exactly how to make her laugh. They have been so wonderful and supportive. They even included her in the school Christmas program where she was able to be on stage with her class dressed as an angel (so appropriate). Christmas was tough. We wanted to keep the traditions going for Lily and Charlotte as much as possible. We spent time with family and friends and even attended Christmas Eve Mass. We gave Lily rats for Christmas; she loves rats and I’m sure she misses her rats that recently passed away. Our new ratties are mother and daughter; and we named them Hope and Faith. They are darling and very friendly. Lily seems to like it when they run on her and snuggle under her chin or in her armpit. Charlotte loves them, too and is taking good care of them.

2012-12-26 11.19.46

Thank you for keeping in touch on this site. We read your posts!! We thank you for keeping the positive healing momentum and PRAYERS going for our sweet Lily. Being six months out really drives it home that this is going to be a longer road than we ever imagined.

God Bless

Jim & Les

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