First Full Day

Today Lily was brought to CHOC Orange at day break when traffic was light and Lily was under heavy sedation. Lily continues to show signs of stability. After the nurses got Lily settled into her new home away from home doctors decided to reduce sedation medication to give Lily an opportunity to awake. Lily would open her eyes and at times wrinkle her nose or blink. Lily continues to breath on her own although she is supported with a ventilator to make her more comfortable. A team of doctors continue to monitor her progress with a goal of getting Lily stable so that she can undergo tests to gather more information about her current condition and possible causes.

Lily had a special visit from Lucky the dog a part of CHOCs dog therapy team. We all know how much Lily loves animals and it goes without saying that animals will play a huge role in her continued improvement. Lily’s was visited by immediate family and close friends, grand parents from the east coast arrived safely this evening. Leslie and Jim get their first opportunity to catch an hour or two of sleep. It was a long day for everyone.


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