Settling in at Home

Lily has been home a week and boy does it feel good. We are so thrilled to be together again under one roof, especially little sister Charlotte. Although it can be a bit overwhelming for Lily seems to be happier home–her blood pressure is overall lower than it was at the hospital. In the past week we have been busy, busy, busy. Even though we are much happier being home it’s a lot more work–but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We have been meeting with therapists and getting her new team lined up. She resumed her acupuncture this week (Lily hasn’t had it since we were at CHOC). We also have been remodeling our office to be Lily’s downstairs bedroom. Many angels have been involved in this process . . . you know who you are. Thank you for everything. Lily even got a new salt water fish tank with her own Nemo! The new picture I posted was taken last Friday when her cousins came to visit. Auntie was able to capture a smile from Lily! Also, remember when I posted last Tuesday that we heard Lily laugh for
the second time? Well, that night I put on America’s Funniest Videos and she laughed and didn’t stop! She laughed at all the “appropriate” times of those silly home movies. It’s so amazing to hear her laugh!!


Lily is getting better, God is answering everybody’s prayers. We are extremely grateful for your support and prayers for our precious Lily. She has a long, long road ahead but all your prayers are keeping her moving in the right direction.

Thank you for everything, everyone.
God Bless,

PS. Yes, that is a pink cast you see on Charlotte’s left arm. She broke her wrist on Friday falling off the monkeybars. Welcome home! 😀

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