An Amazing Girl

Today was a a great day!

As everyone knows Lily has been working extremely hard . . . everyday. Some days for up to 4 hours! Well today was no different but she had a breakthrough session. During her 3-hour therapy session she was able to finally hold her trunk and her head for an extended period of time with very little assistance (see photo). And at one point we told her to turn her head and look at me for picture and she did! This is incredible because she did it on command….normally she would only turn her head by following her eyes to look at something. I’m filled with joy and pride for this amazing little girl that didn’t only beat the odds to survive but continues to beat the odds to recover. I look forward to the day when Lily walks into the PICU where she was 5 short months ago and visits the people that didn’t have high hopes for her. We sure are glad we never listened to them. And more great news came a couple weeks ago; Charlotte tested negative for having the CPVT gene. Thank you GOD!!!! This brings great relief to Jim and I however we still need to be tested to find out what side of our family it originated. Thank you for your prayers! They are working!

Please continue to pray for Lily, we have such a long way to go but that’s OK…as long as were moving in the right direction we’re happy!

God Bless you all this Holiday Season!

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