Little Victories

Today was good day for Lily she had her breathing tube removed and was taken off the medication that was helping her stay asleep. When her nurse removed the sedative she declared that Lily had something to celebrate, one less medication and no more tube to irritate her little throat. Lily is resting comfortably and looks beautiful after her “spa treatment” that mom helped with complete with a fresh set of braids. Les and Jim are so thankful for everyone’s support and have received so many requests asking how they can help. Calendars will be added to Lily’s page so that you may sign up for a task needed. Calendars and needs will be changing frequently so please check back. Because the goal right now is to keep Lily and her healing heart calm her doctors and nurses are restricting visitors. As hard as it is we know that we all want to do what’s best for Lily and right now she AND her mom and dad need lots of rest and time together to adjust and process.


Thank you for understanding,

-Lindsey (Leslie’s sister)

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