Quiet Day

Day 2

Today was a quiet day for Lily, under orders by her doctors visitations have been limited so Lil can rest and heal. Doctors started sedation again today as it seems to help keep her from becoming too agitated and helps her to rest. The next goal will be to remove the intubation tube and reduce sedation so she can wake up. Doctors would like to see her response without sedation and mom and dad would love to see her baby blues again. Lily is not able to speak with the intubation she does chew on her tube when she is not asleep. She blinks and moved her arm last night and you can see her blood pressure increase and heart rate go up as you talk to her, especially when you rub her feet.

She lays on a comfortable cooling mat that helps to keep her body temperature from rising, They are giving Lily nourishment via tube feeding to keep her tummy comfortable.We are all hopeful that her ventilation tube can be removed tomorrow so Lily can start some productive coughing to help keep her lungs clear. Charlotte was able to visit her sister again today and brought beautiful dolphins drawings for Lily’s room.



you never really sleep in PICU… can you see mom?

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