Moving Day

Exactly 4 weeks after our July 9th arrival, today Lily moved from the 6th floor PICU downstairs to the 5th floor in the Neuroscience wing. Her cardiologist and PICU doctors feel that she is stable enough to move out of acute care. A step in the right direction. We were fortunate enough to get Lily her own room; however it’s about half the size of her ICU suite. So some of her critters had to go home today but they will be keeping her bed warm at home as they await her arrival. She still remains on a vital signs monitor and has an IV for immediate intervention if needed. It’s reassuring to us that Lily remains at the hospital so that if the doctors need to intervene with immediate response we are here. However the goal is to intervene as little as possible but it’s a fine line we walk.

Now Lily’s recovery is 100% focused on REHAB, REHAB, REHAB. She had a very busy day with moving and her PT/OT/Speech therapies. She also had a special visit from my Auntie Les and Uncle Lars visiting from North Dakota. Thank you for your continued prayers . . . we need them all. We are blessed by our family and friends . . . you all mean so much to us. And thank you to those who have brought us meals, we really appreciate it.
God Bless,

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