March Already?

It’s hard to believe it’s March already and that we have lived nearly all four seasons since Lily’s injury. We are in our 9th month post injury (not that I’m counting) and she continues to progress. Mostly her strength in her neck and torso giving her the ability to hold her head for longer periods. Her swallowing skills are improving although she is far from counting her food intake by mouth enough has a long way to go before she is eating by mouth. She is moving her legs, arms and hands more; mostly spontaneous jerky movements. We made another trip to Mammoth. It was beautiful and warm which enabled us to spend lots of time outside. That mountain air does us all some good! Overall her health has been good with the exception of a couple hiccups.


Her heart has been doing very well so her doctor said we could discontinue one of her meds. But we stopped suddenly instead of gradually and she went through withdrawal. We put her back on the medicine which took the symptoms away but she was very fatigued for about a week. Then last week we made a trip to the ER for a bladder infection. Our dearest Lily, she never seems to catch a break. She is also now seeing an Osteopathic doctor in San Diego. He has added some essential oils and supplements to her diet as well as aromatherapy. We see him once a week for treatments. So Lily’s schedule just got even busier.

We love to hear from all of you. Please continue to post. And of course your prayers are MOST appreciated.

If you live here in San Clemente you might see “Team Lily” decals on some car windows. If you would like one whether you live here or in New York send me your address and I would be happy to mail you one.

God Bless,

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