Homecoming Delayed

Our discharge that was planned for today is delayed. The past couple days Lily has been very uncomfortable, not sleeping and crying in pain at times. And this pain has brought her spasticity back. 🙁 Now we are trying to figure out what’s wrong. On her last 2 X-rays there has been a “foreign object”/a white area in her lower abdomen. Now the doctors feel there is a possibilty of appendicitis. Are you kidding me? What else can this poor girl go through? She had an ultrasound earlier but the pump was blocking the area. So now she has to do a CT scan, which we are currently waiting for. We are anxious to go home but we can’t leave until this is resolved. We will keep everyone posted on our departure but more importantly on Lily’s condition. We pray that this is resolved quickly and we can get her pain-free and home! On a great note, She laughed again today!! This time Jim got to hear it. And it was a more recognizable laugh. And it was in the exact same part of the movie ELF when she laughed last Monday!

God Bless,

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