Baclofen Pump Onboard

Lily remains in the PICU today. She is recovering and doing well. She is being kept comfortable with moriphine but hopefully that wont even be necessary by tomorrow. And now that she has the Baclofen pump her doctor has already eliminated her other spasticity medication and is weaning another one. And boy what a difference in her spasticity, wow. Now she is loose AND awake. So far we are very happy with our decision. If she continues to be comfortable through the night she will move back to her previous room tomorrow.

We are not certain of our exact discharge date but it’s certain it will be by Tuesday, if not earlier. We are getting things ready at home, thank you to those of you who have helped out, we really appreciate it. And thank you to all of you who have reached out to us with referrals, contacts, suggestions, etc.

If we haven’t contacted you yet we will. We have so much going on it’s hard to find the time for everything.
God Bless,

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