Back to Rehab … We Think

Lily passed the g-tube plastic disk yesterday….whew! Glad we can check that off the list. Lily seemed to be more comfortable afterwards and had a restful day yesterday. She started off having a peaceful day today but she still is having some kind of discomfort. It’s anyone’s guess as to what is bothering her . . . we just go down a checklist of things to try like changing her position, making sure she is not laying on a cord or anything poking her, etc. It’s just so tough to know. But her discomfort didn’t seem to affect the doctors decision of transferring her back to rehab tomorrow. At least that is the plan as of this afternoon. We are anxious to get her back there so we have more freedom to leave her room, go outside, go to the rehab gyms, etc. Just as long as she is good to go.

Oh, and Lily lost her 2nd tooth in 3 weeks. The doctor had to pluck the first one out of the back of her throat a couple weeks ago and the 2nd one I noticed this morning was missing, she must have swallowed it. Thank goodness she didn’t choke on it!

Thank you for your prayers and positive “vibes”.

God Bless,

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