Thanking the Firemen at Station 59

We all know there are Angels surrounding Lily especially since only 1 in 10,000 survive an event that she had 6 weeks ago yesterday. Angels that we can’t see and then there are Angels that we can see like Bob, Brian, Mike and Chris; crew T59C of San Clemente Fire Station 59.

Last Thursday morning before heading back to CHOC, Charlotte and I stopped by the station. And as luck would have it was their shift and they were all there. For several weeks I wanted to meet them under different circumstances. And when I saw Bob’s CaringBridge post last week I had to go. I brought them the photo of Lily and her dolphin friend so they could have a picture of their #1 fan. But more importantly I went to thank them for saving Lily’s life. It was very emotional for me to meet them again but they were so welcoming and appreciative of our visit; it was so comforting talking to them. Especially when they assured me that we did everything we could to help Lily that
Sunday afternoon until they arrived. I’m honored to call these gentlemen friends, we are blessed to have them serving our community–they truly are Angels.


Lily Update

Lily is still in the PICU for closer observation since changing her anti-arrhythmia medication. She seems to be handling it OK. Next step is to have clearance from her cardiologist for discharge. We then will be transported to Miller Pediatric Rehab hospital in Long Beach where she will start an intense program 6 days a week with a rehab team. We PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that Lily continues to “wake up” as she needs to be participating in her rehab. Thank you for your prayers; we are riding on them everyday. Lily needs them more than you know. Thank you to those of you who have also reached out to me through email. I will respond when I can.

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