Millers West

Lily has had a busy week at her new home at Miller West. I had the opportunity to spend some time with everyone yesterday and get a feel for what the new chapter in Lils recovery is going to look like. After a call for visitors you all responded and that is exactly what we wanted to see but we realize that we need to coordinate visitations some how so you all can experience some good one on one time. Lily’s physiatrist (rehabilitation physician) recommended that for the time being we limit visitors to the weekend when she has more down time. Lily’s therapy sessions take a lot of energy and it’s apparent that when she doesn’t have time to rest in between appointments the end of the day can be especially difficult. Lily’s new team of doctors have assured mom and dad they are committed to work together to find the right balance of medication, rest and feedings to keep Lily comfortable and able to participate in all her planned therapies.


If you are on our list of volunteers through LOTSA Helping Hands please watch for 2 new Lily |calendars (visits and meals) we will be adding today. There is a need for food for the parent who spends the night with Lily, local food is limited. I have convinced mom and dad that there are enough people willing to make a trip up to ensure that the basic need of food is met. Without traffic Long Beach is under an hour for south county residents, 30 from central OC. Right now they need our support, sleep and 3 meals a day.

Continued prayers of thankfulness for all of you who have taken The Needhams into your arms of comfort.

Sometimes it takes a village.
-Auntie Linz

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