Lily Visits Her First Responders

We have been busy! We went to Station 59 to visit Lily’s special hero, Mike. I vividly remember Mike resuscitating Lily after her cardiac arrest. (He along with Chris, Brian and Bob are her heroes.) Our visit was Lily’s first to the station since we went there for an Open House about 6 years ago […]


Lily the Scientist

School started 3 weeks ago. Lily would be in 5th grade while her sister begins the 2nd grade. Although Lily technically isn’t enrolled at her school we are continuing to be part of her class. She lights up whenever she is around her school friends, its great motivation for her. In 5th grade they have science l, […]


Healing with Horses Shea Center

A couple weeks ago we visited the horses she used to ride down at the stables. That was magical. She had a huge smile when she saw them. She recognized them right away. At one point, I think she was having a telepathic conversation with one of them. It’s amazing how “in tune” horses are […]