Back in ICU

Yesterday Lily was moved to ICU. She had been having episodes of vomiting, fever, increased heart rate and blood pressure and increased muscle tone/spasticity since last Monday- seemed to be linked to a bladder infection. And since it was not getting any better and was preventing her from therapy, her cardiologist and GI doc felt getting moved to ICU to get these issues resolved was the best move.Despite these complications, Lily continued to work very hard in the therapy sessions and showed some great signs the end of last week and the weekend. She was tracking more, held up and turned her head at times and was more alert in general. We even saw some sweet Lily smiles recently.


Lily is sleeping at the moment on her pillow covered with the cases provided by all the students and teachers from OLF – you are constantly with her and aiding in her recovery- thank you so much!

We are optimistic this is going to be a brief visit to get these issues under control and are hoping to resume hospital visits in a few days and will keep you advised. We continue to be overwhelmed with the amount of love, acts of kindness, words of encouragement/strength. Please keep Lily in your continued prayers and thoughts.

Jim and Les

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