Trick or Treat

Lily got in the spirit of Halloween (her favorite holiday besides Christmas) by dressing up as Princess Leia and hitting the neighborhood. Heather and Charlotte decked out her wheelchair with tinsel and glow sticks. It was a busy night with lots of trick or treaters and she seemed to enjoy being out with the masses. She also got to do FaceTime with her class…she laughed at the boys in the morph costumes. It has been a very busy week. She had follow up doctor appointments with her Physiatrist, GI doctor and cardiologist. All were good appointments and she is doing well; she’s back up to her starting weight; 58 pounds. She also had therapies everyday and acupuncture as well. Today she worked for 2 1/2 hours at sitting and holding her head up on her own. She enjoys her special swing in our backyard and taking walks; getting some vitamin D. It’s good to see pink cheeks on her again. She is getting stronger and laughing a lot not just at funny videos but also when she hears funny stories. Her strength and determination continue to amaze us.

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We continue to be touched by the love, support and generosity of our friends and family. Sisters, Shannon and Sandy held a garage sale and surprised us with the proceeds; going towards some more fish for her aquarium. And to friends Justin, Jason & Dennis for hosting a poker event giving the proceeds towards Lily. It’s very different and difficult being on the receiving of such generosity. We are touched and grateful to the incredible support everyone has shown. We continue to pray for Lily’s recovery . . . we have such high hopes for her.

Thank you for your continued prayers!
God Bless,
Leslie & Jim

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