A Guessing Game

Lily had her GI procedure yesterday afternoon as scheduled. But wouldn’t you know it that when the GI doctor went down to fetch the plastic disk in her stomach it was no longer there! So her stomach must have squeezed it into her intestines and it’s hopefully on it’s way out. Why can’t Lily catch a break??? The GI doctor also did some endoscopic biopsies which will determine if there’s anything abnormal about her stomach or intestines. She has been experiencing a lot of pain over the last several days. It seems to be a guessing game as to what exactly is causing the pain since she cannot tell us. Is it the plastic disk? Doctors feel this shouldn’t be painful for her. And even though her enzyme levels are trending downwards they are still elevated causing her pancreatitis. We do know this can be painful. She is such a trooper, her little 52 pound body is withstanding so much, medication after medication…24 hours a day. It’s unclear how long we’ll remain in ICU, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow. We do know that we’re not comfortable transferring back to Miller West (rehab side) until she is tolerating full feeds and is pain-free.

Thank you for keeping Lily in the forefront of your thoughts and in your prayers. We continue to vigilantly visualize and pray for progress everyday and for her full recovery.

God Bless,

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